Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger

Ok, so this pedal isn’t all that new, and this won’t be long, I just wanted to share it with everyone.

The EHX hum debugger eliminates hum.  It doesn’t do so the way that noise gates/suppressors do.  Instead in actually grabs the hum out of the signal.  The only control on this pedal, is a toggle switch, and the on/off button of course.  The toggle allows you to choose from normal to strong.  This sets the amount of hum you really want to be removed from the signal.  It is a very cool pedal, and I would recommend checking out the video.

Also, I wanted to let my readers know, if there is anything that you have heard about coming out, please feel free to comment and let me know.  I am always looking for things to research and, if possible, get my hands on it to play.


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