Electro Harmonix Freeze

Electro Harmonix is getting ready to release the EH-Freeze, around 9-24-10.  This date may not yet be set in stone, I am not sure.  I can tell you however that this Pedal is sure to please anyone thats into effects.  The Freeze is a true guitar sustain pedal.  Not a pedal that adds sustain, but a piano style sustain that will las as long as your foot is on the pedal, with no loss in tone.  What a great idea.  This thing will add so many possibilities its not even funny.  From something as simple as playing a chord and having it ring out so that you can solo over it, to getting really cool sounds with other effect pedals….like putting this in the effects loop of a Memory Boy Deluxe.

Some places have this item up for pre-order, and I suggest you do just that.  I have heard rumors that EH is only allowing 2 pieces to be ordered per client, as of now.  So getting one of these after they come out may be a bit of an issue.  There are youtube videos up that will show exactly how the Freeze works.  And if you hadn’t guessed, I am recommending anyone who plays guitar, especially if you into effects as much as I am, to check these things out.

The Freeze has just a couple of settings.  First the switch allows you to change from fast and slow decay, or latch, which gives infinite sustain.  The other option is the level of the effect.  Thats it, no complicated settings at all.  This pedal would be used best in conjunction with other effects of course, and depending where it is in the chain, can give some pretty cool sounding effects.  And this thing is less than $120.


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