New Line 6 to be out very soon!!!

Line 6 is set to release the new POD HD series “pedal boards,” if you will, this month.  Sure its at the end of the month, but still this month.  These look promising, tho I would really love a chance to play with one.  The POD HD series includes a 300, 400, and 500.  These all have similar features, but are different in enough ways to make the price points valid.

From what I can tell, not only will the POD HD series have all, or at least most, of the effects from the M13 effect unit, but will also be able to control some other things.  For instance, the new Variax guitars that will be out probably around the same time, and the newest all tube amplifier will have settings that can be changed by the board.  Some of the most noted variables are:

  • Changing type of guitar (say from a Strat, to a Tele, to a Les Paul)
  • Changing the negative feedback loop on the amp
  • Change the DT50 from Pentode to Triode

There are many more options available,  but it would take all day just to get them listed.  This should give an idea as to how versatile this setup can be.  The only thing I can see as a problem, you have to have all 3 products (a Variax, a Pod HD, and the DT50) to get the full worth of any of the products.  But thats not to say they aren’t all great stand-alone products, you just can’t do all without all.

Believe me, I will be testing each product as/if I can to get an idea of just how well they handle all the available options, and how good they sound.  But if Line 6 has proven anything, its that the products they offer are unmatched in their price point.


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