Bugera BC30

Remember the AC30?  Well Bugera certainly does.  They made the BC30, which is very similar to the Vox AC30 amplifier.  The BC30 is an all valve amplifier, and when I say all valve I mean it.  The rectifier also is tube driven.  This is a nice feature that you don’t see on a lot of amps anymore.  Mesa Boogie has the Rectifier, dual Rectifier and Triple Rectifier amps which, as the name suggests, has one, two, or three tubes in the rectifier.

So how does the BC30 compare the AC30, and other tube amps.  Well feature for feature the BC30 wins.  It has an FX loop for each channel, a speaker reverse switch, and a switchable impedance for an extension cabinet.  Check out the amp below:

As you can see, this amp looks like an AC30, but has the features of lots of other amps all compact into one.  The tonal possibilities of this amp are amazing, if you get the volume up.  I will say, like the AC30, the BC30 has to be at a higher volume to really get a good tone from it.  But for only $598.94 its pretty hard to let this amp go.

So, what do all those features do? Well….

With separate effects loops you can have different effects on different channels, obviously.  But you can also run out of the send from channel 2 into the input of channel one, which will not only give you lots more gain, it will allow you to get some killer tones.  The cabinet reverse switch allows you to change the tone, especially with gain, because it reverses the way in which the sound comes out of the speaker.  The switchable OHM load if just for different types of cabinets, which ensures this would work with any extension cab you already may have.


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